Dear Customer,

BSNL Bangalore Online Payment Portal  is migrated to a centralized BSNL Payment Portal, henceforth online payment of Landline bills can be made from the centralized portal of BSNL

The link are available on

Existing users are migrated  to new portal , so same username and password  can be used in new portal . We request you to reregister in case you are unable to login to new portal with existing username/password .

After Registration or Login the account numbers can be added to your account for payment

Please follow the following procedure for the payment of Landline Bills Online.

1.       Go to the website

Right hand side you will see a section for Landline payment 

And to know the account number.




                              Click Here For                          Click here to know the Account Number. 

                            Land Line Payment

2.       To know the account number click on “Know your account number”,


                              Provide your consumer number and then click on “Submit”

3.       This will provide your account number


                                    Here is your account number.

This account number is required for adding to your portal account.

4.        http://www.bangalore , and click on  “Login for landline payment”


                                                         Login for landline payment.



                  Click here for landline payment.


Provide  your username and password.


6 .You can use your username and password which you were using for online payments at  .




                   Username                          Password


Here you may get a message  Invalid UserName/Password is entered. Please try again!”  

If you are not able to login then you can register again.





                        Message for invalid username and password.


7.       For  Creation of new account Click on “New User? Sign UP”.


                 Click here for new user registration.

8.        “Password must be at least 8 character long” and “must contain alphanumeric characters”



All the fields marked with are mandatory

Password must be at least 8 characters long.

Passwords must contain alphanumeric characters:




  Nick Name:


  Contact Number (Day Phone Number):


  Mobile :


  E-mail Address:


  Confirm E-mail Address:








  Pin Code:


  To get BillDetails Subscribe for SMS Alerts :


  Desired User Name:




  Confirm Password:


  Hint Question:


  Hint Answer:






9.       After  filling all the details click on submit,

After this user will get created and you will find a screen, on this screen Click on   “Continue” it will take you to login page again.


Here you need to Login with the username and password you have created.


10.   Once you will Login it will take you on a page where it will ask you to select the “Circle”

In circle you need to select “Karnataka”, it will pop up an alert box asking if you want to change the circle, click on OK.


                           Select The Circle as “Karnataka”


Then on the same screen, you will get a message that there is “no outstanding bills”.

This message is there because till now you have not added any account to your user, So now you need to click on “Do you want to add an account” on the same page




Message for no                    Link to add an account

Outstanding bills


11.    It will take you on another page where system will ask you to select your SSA,  enter your phone number without STD code and Account number.

You need to fill these three entries, SSA you need to select BGL-Bangalore”




BGL-Bangalore          Telephone number   Account Number


After Filling the entries click on Submit”

Check the boxes if you want to get soft copy of bills on email  and  alert for payment.






Bills On Email     Payment Alert Through SMS.                 Add Button


Now Click on Add.




               Click here to view outstanding bills.


It will show your pending bills


                                                                                                                                                     Pay Button

From here you can follow your usual procedure for the payment.

Please feel free to mail to

 or AGM Portal mail id : in case you face any difficulties.